Atheistic Platonism

Beyond Theism and Nihilism

Atheism is stuck in a nihilistic rut. Its nihilism makes it unable to solve moral and metaphysical problems which are both deep and personally urgent. So people turn away from atheism towards theism.

Atheistic Platonism is an alternative to both theism and nihilistic atheisms. Platonic atheism affirms abstract laws and objects, which do not depend on any minds. The Platonic atheist says the work attributed to divine persons is more accurately assigned to the system of abstract laws and objects. Far from being powerless, these abstract objects generate all possible causalities.

Atheistic Platonism argues for a plenitude of mathematical objects and an infinite plurality of universes. It advocates objective moral laws and values for the agents (like humans) who emerge in those universes. It says physical deities are future possible superhuman organisms and machines. It naturalizes ancient theurgical practices. Atheistic Platonism defines a meaningful way of life, which facilitates personal self-transformation. Atheistic Platonists argue for computational theories of life after death. Atheistic Platonism includes a rich system of spiritual symbols. It values mystical experiences. The system of abstract objects gives meaning, value, and purpose to life.

Atheistic Platonism is currently being written.

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