Atheistic Platonism

Beyond Theism and Nihilism

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Atheistic Platonism is an alternative to both theism and nihilistic atheism. Where atheisms based on materialism fail, atheisms based on Platonism succeed.

Atheistic Platonism provides reality with foundations that are eternal, necessary, rational, beautiful, and utterly mindless. It argues for a plenitude of mathematical objects, and an infinite plurality of possible universes.

Atheistic Platonism provides mindless rational grounds for objective values, and for objective moral laws for the persons who evolve in universes.

Atheistic Platonism defines a meaningful and spiritually deep way of life, which facilitates ethical self-improvement.

Atheistic Platonism includes computational theories of life after death, in which humans ascend through transhuman and superhuman degrees of animal excellence.

Atheistic Platonism includes a rich system of spiritual symbols. It values transformational practices and ecstatic experiences.

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