Believing in Dawkins

The New Spiritual Atheism

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Believing in Dawkins shows how Dawkinsian atheism motivates ways of thinking and living which are rationally defensible, ethically positive, and spiritually rich. Believing in Dawkins is entirely atheistic. Since God does not exist, God is entirely ignored.

Believing in Dawkins is the first book to look systematically at Dawkins' atheism, his ethics, and his deeper claims about reality. It systematizes and completes his arguments, exploring their premises, and working out their long-range implications. It shows how Dawkins often relies on deep ideas from Stoicism and Platonism. It shows how concepts and practices that were hijacked by religion can be reclaimed for scientific naturalism. Dawkinsian naturalism is an intensely spiritual naturalism.

Believing in Dawkins shows how naturalists can develop powerful ethical principles, emotionally and artistically rich systems of symbols and images, and spiritually meaningful personal and social practices. It shows how atheists and naturalists can use science and reason to support optimistic ways of thinking and living.

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